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Health and Safety Management


Health and Safety Services

As mentioned aboce, we emphasize the importance of safe working. Upright Masters Kft. undertakes the complete fulfillment of obligations related to work and fire protection, from the beginning of design stage to the completion of construction.


In the case of construction projects, from the beginning of the design works to the completion of the construction, we undertake the full fulfillment of obligations related to health and safety.


In case of operation, we guarantee that the documentation of the regulations related to the business activity will be up-to-date, we will create the conditions for safe work. 

Biztonságos munkavégzés - munkavédelmi koordináció

Construction and operation of industrial facilities is a dangerous task. The safety of the workers is more important than anything else, the manager of the companies are responsible for this. 

We work to ensure the safety of the employees, thus the peace of mind of our Clients.

We know from experience that very few Business Managers see through the complicated world of regulations, the administrative and actual safety rules on a daily basis. 

Thanks to our services, as a Manager, you can be sure that your company can comply with all valid regulations, thereby not only avoiding possible penalties, but also keeping your employees safe.

Biztonságos munkavégzés - munkavédelmi koordináció

Our services include the following areas

-    Health and safety coordination

-    Preparation and management of safety documentation, ensuring continuous legal compliance

-    Performing monthly health and safety tasks

-    Perform periodic security audits

-    Investigation of accidents

-    Education and training

-    Commissioning of dangerous machines

-    Preparation for official inspections

-    Purchase, maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers

-    Communication with Authority

Why should you choose us?

We work reliably and accurately.

Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of construction and continuous support of plant operations.

We work unnoticed, without hindering the daily work.

We can improve and speed up the processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of your work.

With our services, we take a lot of burden off the shoulders of our Clients.

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Our employees

Boglár Zoltán - vezető munkavédelmi koordinátor

Zoltán Boglár

Health and safety coordinator, health and safety technician, chief fire safety lecturer.

With several years of work experience behind him, he has solid knowledge in all areas of health and safety.

Zsákai Richárd - Munkavédelmi koordinátor

Richard Zsákai

Helath and safety coordinator,

health and safety technician.

Thanks to his long professional history, more than 100,000 m2 of buildings have already been built under his supervision.

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