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Heat- and smoke ventilation system

Firecon Ltd. is a Czech company working on the production, installation and maintenance of skylights and heat- and smoke ventilation systems.

We found the price/value ratio of their products definitely competitive on the Hungarian market, so since 2016 we did work together on the SHEVS installation of 96 000 sqm of industrial building area on 6 locations.  

We did establish a closer cooperation since 2019, supporting their expansion and local operation in Hungary.

Please find and download the product catalog with all the useful information about the product line.

We are more than happy to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical inspection services

The fundamental goal of occupational health and safety is to create safe working conditions for organized work -by regulating personal and material conditions-, the basic principles of which are laid down in Act XCIII of 1993 on occupational health and safety. determined by law.

We are talking about a wide-ranging system consisting of several areas, which requires not only adequate preparation and thorough education, but also continuous coordination.

The task of the occupational safety and health specialist is to assess the specific work process and the associated risks in order to reduce them with effective rules.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors based on experience and statistics, which is why this field plays an outstanding role in this sector. 

Project management

We no longer need to emphasize the importance of safe working, thus occupational health and safety.  Upright Masters Kft. undertakes the full provision of obligations related to occupational health and safety from the beginning of planning to the completion of construction. 


Our services cover the following areas:

-    work safety coordination 

-    preparation and management of occupational safety documentation 

-     performing monthly work safety tasks

-    perform periodic security reviews 

-    work accident investigation 

-    conducting education and training 

-     commissioning of dangerous machines

-     preparation for official inspections

-    risk assessment

-     regulation of the allowance system for personal protective equipment and their regular review

-    regulating the order of medical aptitude tests 

- Communication with     authority

Our references

Our employees have gained experience in the most diverse areas of the construction industry, including hall construction, construction of reinforced concrete structures, road construction, civil engineering works, and occupational health and safety coordination of existing plants.

They consider it their primary task to create all the conditions for safe work, so they place great emphasis on both personal and material conditions.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the relevant legislation, it is important for them to maintain continuous contact with the customer, with which they can fully fulfill individual requests.

Zoltán Boglár

Occupational safety coordinator, occupational safety technician, chief fire safety lecturer.

With several years of work experience behind him, he has solid knowledge in all areas of occupational health and safety.

Richard Zsákai

Occupational safety coordinator,

occupational safety technician.

Thanks to his long professional history, more than 100,000 m2 of buildings have already been built under his supervision.

László Mátravölgyi

Occupational safety coordinator, occupational safety technician, fire safety lecturer.

During his professional career, he also participated in the occupational health and safety coordination of construction sites and existing factories.

Organizing occupational health and safety and enforcing the rules is a time-consuming task and requires a qualified colleague.

If your business only needs it during certain periods or cannot or does not want to employ a full-time specialist, it is advisable to outsource the tasks. This way, you can keep your company and employees safe with significant cost savings.

Look for Upright Masters Kft. and entrust the occupational safety of your company to our specialists!

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